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Lean Manufacturing Takt Time by Alzatex

Lean Manufacturing Takt TimeLean Manufacturing Takt Time is the pace of production manufacturing one piece every 34 seconds that aligns production with customer demand. In other words, it is how fast you need to manufacture product in order to fill your customer orders. Lean Manufacturing Takt Time is calculated as:

Takt Time = Planned Production Time / Customer Demand

Integrating the use of Lean Manufacturing Takt Time into your manufacturing operations will help you to achieve a steady and continuous flow of production. Eliminate the waste of overproduction by producing to actual customer demand. Encourage the development of standardized work instructions, promoting quality and efficiency. Enable you to set real-time targets for production that show operators exactly where their work output should be at any given point of time. Make it easier to establish what-if scenarios for customer demand based on flexible manning.

The term Lean Manufacturing Takt Time comes from the German word Taktzeit, which loosely translates to “rhythmic time” or “keeping a beat“, similar to the ticking of a metronome or the movement of a conductor’s baton. Takt Time is a key concept in lean manufacturing. It is the heartbeat of a lean organization — matching actual production to customer demand. It is not a goal to be surpassed, but rather a target for which to aim: Producing faster than Takt Time results in overproduction — the most fundamental form of waste. Producing slower than Takt Time results in bottlenecks — and customer orders that may not be filled on time.

There are two different yet related ways to use Lean Manufacturing Takt Time. Both are valid and useful — they simply look at customer demand from different perspectives. Planning Perspective: Use Takt Time to set goals for kaizen activities that focus on making improvements to your production process to ensure that it can meet customer demand. Manufacturing Perspective: Use Takt Time to drive a real-time target for production.

The following is a simple example of a Lean Manufacturing Takt Time calculation. To perform the calculation, two pieces of information are needed: What is your planned production time? Typically this is the shift length less planned downtime. What is the customer demand that needs to be met during the planned production time?

Item Data and Calculations
Shift Length (A) 8 hours (480 minutes)
Breaks (B) 2 short x 15 minutes plus one meal x 30 minutes = 60 minutes
Planned Production Time (C) A — B = 480 minutes — 60 minutes = 420 minutes
Customer Demand (D) 400 pieces
Takt Time C / D = 420 minutes / 400 pieces = 1.05 minutes / piece

With this example, we know that if we produce one piece every 1.05 minutes or 63 seconds, our production will be aligned with customer demand.

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