Lean Manufacturing Data Capture

Getting Started with Alzatex Production Monitors

Alzatex Production Monitors has built the Production Monitor Series that
combines a visual display with ethernet communications, digital I/O, and web
server technology integrated into one self contained package. With no software
to install and the data source formulas programmed into the marquee, all you
have to do is select the functionality of the application from drop down
menus. Setup and monitoring of this real time production data is as simple as
opening a web browser and entering the IP address of the marquee display.
Imagine real time plant floor production data monitored and collected anywhere
within your facility. Just supply two inputs, enter your target counter value
and cycle time and the OEE calculation is displayed, monitored, and
collected by simply choosing OEE as the data source. Additionally, you can
select your Goal, Break Schedule, and other Production Data Sources that are
important to view and monitor from your production process.

The Table Below lists the functionality of the Production Monitor. You provide
the inputs; select the data sources and the Production Monitor will take care
of the rest. It’s that simple.

Input Data Source Description
Count Input Total Count Availability, Total Count, % Complete, Rate, Cycle Times, Run Time, Down
Reject Input Bad Count Quality, Bad Count, % Bad
Target Counter Value Target Counter Performance, OEE, Pace, % of Pace
Takt Time Count / Rate / OEE Target Counter, Takt Time Remaining, Takt Time Elapsed
Target/Goal Goal Goal, % Complete, Pieces to Goal
Run Input Down Time Monitor Down Time and Run Time
Setup Input Setup Time Monitor Setup or User Time
Call Inputs Override Messages Display Override Messages along with Timer Values
Break Schedule Break and Down Times Select Break Times and Lunch Break Times
Functionality of the Production Monitor